A 20 years old boy from Siliguri hangs himself from a ceiling fan and ends his life..
The youth victim Bhaskar Dutta commmits suicide, he was a resident of Surya Nagar area of Siliguri and it has come to hear that he was disturbed from last few days.

According to the initial investigation, police have a suspicion that the youth victim might have committed suicide after being rejected in love.

From the victim’s family members, the police came to know that Bhaskar was in a relationship with a girl. The victim’s father Choton Dutta told police that Bhaskar had talked with the girl over the phone for nearly an hour on Monday night. The victim’s father also told police that his mother was also dishonored by the family members of the girl.

Police have come to know that the victim had left the house on Monday evening, by saying it that he was going to the house of the girl but later in the evening he returned his home.

At night when he was talking to the girl on the phone, he was crying. His family members were able to hear him outside. They have claimed that he took the serious step after the girl refused to continue the relationship with him. On Tuesday morning, they found that his room was locked from inside. He did not open the door despite repeated knocks on the door. They tried to open the door from outside in crying mood. In the end, the door is opened and they found him hanging from the ceiling fan. After being informed, police reached the spot and recovered the body.

News source – Millennium Post 2 January, 2018

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