Malbazar Schools on Rally Seeking Justice for Asifa and All other Rape Victims

A rally took place to support Asifa and all other rape victims in Malbazar yesterday. The rally was made successful by the students of Mother Teresa, Caesar, Puspika and Ideal schools.

Black Ribbon was tied up in the arms of each student as a symbol of protest and justice.

The rally started from BDO Office Ground to Caltex More and from there, came back to Ghadi More and ended up at Satkar Samity Ground.

This rally was organized by Akansha Biswas, Avinash Prasad, and Raza Hussain Ansari. The organizers of the rally are not part of any political parties.

Rally – Pushpika Girls High School – Mal
Rally- Caesar School – Mal
Rally – Mother Teresa School – Mal
Rally – Ideal Hindi School – Mal

They did it as humanism and it was a great step taken by them. Such kind of rally was never seen in Malbazar. Therefore it was not easy for them to make it successful.

They had a mixed experience of acceptance and rejection by the people when they approaching for the support to the rally.

They went schools and asked principals to support them. And the listed schools came forward to support them. There were some refusals too.

Still, the rally ended up successfully.

They also took permission from Mal BDO Office and Mal Police Station. In this way, they made this a successful rally.


The purpose of this rally was not to justify Asifa only, it was for all the girls who haven’t got justice till now. And rapists are walking freely in our society.

Rape in India is one of India’s most common crimes against women and India is the place where sexual assault is rapidly increasing.

According to the National Crime Records Bureau, 24,923 rape cases were reported across India in 2012, but experts agree that the number of unreported cases of sexual assault brings the total to a much higher number.

Out of these, 24,470 were committed by parents/family, relatives, neighbours and other known persons implying that men known to the victim committed 98 percent of reported rapes.

In India, A woman is being raped in every 20 minutes.

The women, teenage girls, or even only 4 months baby girls are not safe in our country. It is so shameful for the country. There should be only one law for rapists, Hang till death.

We request everybody to stand up against rape and please do support Akansha Biswas and her team. They really did a great job. Join hands to stop the rapists.

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