Malbazar to Samsing Buses

Via: Chalsa-Kilcote-Matteli-Samsing.

These are the Buses which departures* from Siliguri P.C.Mittal Bus Stand to Samsing.

Via: Chalsa-Kilcote-Matteli-Samsing.

NOTE: These are not the direct bus from Malbazar, these buses departures from different Bus Stops at different time.

This page only shows the time when it reaches Malbazar.

Baba Taraknath
Maa ChandrikaSLG- Samsing---

3 thoughts on “Malbazar to Samsing | Bus Time Table”

    1. Hi Gourab,

      We know there are a lot of busses. That’s why we have a comment section and contact form so that we can add more and more bus timings in the upcoming days.

      Currently we have added only those busses that we tracked over 2-3 months.

      Please report any new busses and time changes via commenting or just by contacting us on Facebook or WhatsApp!

  1. Thanks for reply me…. the first Bus from Samsing to Siliguri ( Bromesh ) time 6.30am.
    and also Maa Chandrika. from Siliguri. Maa Bus, Humsafar, Baba taraknath, Manish, an many buses are there.

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