Why Do We Strictly Need to Learn the Driving Rules and Regulations?

Why do we need to learn the Driving Rules & Regulations?

Today, most of the people in our country are becoming victims of a road accident almost every single day. Our Malbazar is not so different, we often hear the news of accidents every now and then.

Every day we read and listen to the news of road accidents in newspapers, news channels etc.

From the age of children to the old, everyone is becoming a victim of it. And they are losing their lives whether he or she is innocent or guilty. And that’s the reason why we must need to learn the driving rules and regulations.

The only reason for all this is that drivers are not aware of the traffic rules and regulations. The corruption is also responsible for it.

People don’t even know the traffic rules and regulations well and get out on the road every day doing their job as a driver or commuting for personal purposes.

These bring danger to the public and other innocent drivers too. Most of the drivers on the road don’t have a proper license and most of them have a license made by offering a bribe at the RTO. They don’t even know the traffic signals, god knows how they have an original driving license issued by the Govt. RTOs.

If traffic rules were known to people, it was not possible to see a large number of road accidents every single day.

Most people are getting a driving license without giving the mock test for the driving license. If you go to make licenses, you will see that W.B. Transport Department issuing the driving license without taking a proper driving test or trial at the ground. (not all the RTO)

And they are doing so all because of money (bribery). There too corruption happens.

These are the people who know how to drive but never get to learn traffic rules and ends up in the road accident risking other innocents life.

So hopefully you have understood why we are saying to all the drivers to learn traffic rules.

On the topic of traffic rules, we are going to run a contest. In which you have to tell the meaning by looking at the image representing road signs.

The reason for keeping this contest is that the peoples need to be aware of the knowledge of traffic rules.

And all of you are requested to share this post as much as possible. Whereby many people can get this post and you can also give your role for awareness in a road accident.

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