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April 16, 2018

Accidental death of a School Bus Conductor, Driver runs away in Fear

Today 16th April 18 around 4:00PM, school bus conductor accidently or flawlessly we are not sure but he fells down from the running bus his head get crushed by the back wheels of the bus and dies suddenly.

This horrific incident happens near Udichi Bhawan, NH31, National Highway road, 1mins to Mal Bus Stand, usually malbazar is rapidly growing town, and keeping that in mind Mal Muncipality has increased traffic police in malbazar, you can clearly see that from Caltex More to Mal Bus Terminus.

But the question here raised is how the conductor fells suddenly from the running vechile ?

That bus is owned by some business man from Toonbari T.E, He has many local buses 8-9 Bus running from Malbazar you can spot that if you cross from Toonbari at night.

And one bus is shared for students of Soongachi Tea Estate, studying in schools of Malbazar, for picking & dropping up work, usually that school bus is reserved and it runs for 6 days a week, doing school duty, and in sundays it runs as a Local Bus.

That Bus does upto 4 rounds in Morning hours and 3 rounds in Afternoon total of 7 rounds said by students. It Starts from Nakhati Divison to Mal, students also claimed that bus could’nt drop all students in 3 round but for god knows they overload in 3rd round in afternoon time to drop it all in ones, so the last tip is overloaded by bus.

So you can imagine now how a bus conductor fits in the door area and has chance to fall down and point to be noted that they probably never close door while the bus is running. but this is not the case today.


Today as reported by some local the bus conductor or Driver (We are not sure) was drunked since morning and it was going to pick students.

There were few students of Adarsha Vidyapith High School in bus, and suddenly near Udichi Community Hall, Conductor of the bus fells down and his head gets crushed by the back wheels of the bus and the driver was may be in fear we dont know, he speeds ups his bus and he parks his bus near Mal Bus Stand in rush and runs away.

Conductor was a resident of Soongachi Tea Garden. May god rest his soul in peace.

School Bus Condoctor of Soongachi Tea Estate
Conductors Dead Body Covered as it’s Horrific to see his Skull damaged badly.

Now we hope Mal Police is doing its job searching the driver to know the actual thing that happend today, stay tuned with us to know the exact reason.

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