Every new couple has the same dream, after getting married they go on a honeymoon and live their lives happily. Apart from all of this, there are other ways to make love memorable, which is shown by Sukanta-Paulomi.
The new couple started the new chapter of life by pledging their posthumous body on the day of reception of bride.

Dr. Sukanta Ghosh is a resident of North Colony, Malbazar. He is an assistant professor of Political Science in “Coochbehar College”. Three years ago, He met Poulami. She is from Jalpaiguri. After a while, both of them understood that they are quite similar to “different” ideas. Maybe because of this same thought, love is born in both of them.

Both share love, happiness and misery with the poor dwellers. Both have also taken responsibility for the expenses of three children in the poor families.

They always come forward in every work of the society. They decided to make their wedding day memorable by doing such a social work. So they contacted with a volunteer of Blood Donor Organization on the day of reception of their bride, they pledged to posthumously donate their bodies through a voluntary organization.


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The newlyweds’ commitment has impressed the guests. They gave their blessings to newlyweds.


Dr. Sukanta Ghosh has also taken the responsibility of studying expense of two students. One of them is Rajat Sarkar from Malbazar. He obtained 80% marks in the higher secondary examination.

But because of financial problems at home, his parents were not able to support their son for his studies. Rajat’s father was a tailor by profession but now he is physically ill.

So, they were facing difficulties. Dr. Ghosh arrived at Rajat’s home in the next day after getting this news on Uttarbanga Sangbad. In such a situation, Dr. Sukanta Ghosh promised and took responsibility for Rajat’s forthcoming three-year education.

Sukanta Ghosh said, “As much as I can, I will help him in his studies.” From Sushant Ghosh’s statement, Rajat and his family are delighted. Rajat’s mother said, “we were worried about Rajat’s studies but this support from Sukanta Babu made us feel assured.”


Recently Dr. Sukanta Ghosh and his wife Mrs. Poulami Ghosh (Choudhary) participated in a show called Didi No.1 which telecast on Zee Bangla and represented Malbazar.

“Sukanta Da & Poulami Di says that they don’t want to be buried after death, cause he believes that if in his life, if he couldn’t use his life for others, then what’s the point of being alive,” saying that both the couples decide to donate organs after death.
Sukanta & Poulami in Didi No. 1 show

Sukanta and Poulami Ghosh in Didi No. 1 – Zee Bangla

Sukanta and Poulami in Didi No. 1 show

Didi No. 1, Contestants EP-887 – Zee Bangla

The show’s host, Tollywood actress, Mrs. Rachana Bannerjee, encouraged Sukanta-Poulami’s social work. They came in episode number 887 of shows 7th season which was broadcasted on September 7th 2018 in Zee Bangla.

You can rewatch the full episode by streaming on the ZEE5 Network.

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