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July 25, 2018

Tourist Vehicle Head-On Collided with an Auto near Mal Park, 15 Injured

Malbazar, 25 July: Two vehicles collided head-on yesterday at around 3:30 PM near Mal Park, Malbazar. 15 people including 3 children are injured. The injured people are hospitalized at Mal Sadar hospital by the local people.

It is reported that a Tourist vehicle was coming from Oodlabari to Malbazar while passengers loaded auto was going to Oodlabari. And It was heavy raining.

A Toyota tourist vehicle was trying to overtake a bus on the turning while a Mahindra Maximo auto was coming from opposite direction.


The auto driver couldn’t handle the situation and eventually, he hit the car. The auto fell down at a distance of about 16 metres after colliding from the car. Agitated people blocked the road. The police reached the spot.

They brought the situation under control. Some of the injured people are MD Salimuddin, Anandita Das, Mousumi Dey, Sobuj Sen, Ananta Kumar Biswas, Usha Rani Rai, Saheb Biswas, Nitesh Oraon, Jilita Oraon, Purnima Rai, Malati Rai, Falguni Rai.

MD Salimuddin is the auto driver. He said “I was driving my own side suddenly I saw a car in front of my eyes. Before I could understand the situation, I hit the car. That car was overtaking a bus.”

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David Garj

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  • I guess the auto was overloaded as always. Otherwise, the driver could have handled it properly or at least in a better way.

    None of the Malbazarians are fully aware of the traffic rules and follow them. They risk their own and everyone’s life every day on road.

    Safe drive, Save the life.

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