A shopkeeper purportedly tortured two minor boys with electric shocks at Oodlabari on Monday over suspicion that they stole ₹100.

Salib Oraon , a pan shop owner at Oodlabari Tea Eastate, found Rs.100 missing from his shop and his suspicion fell on 8 years old Kapil Oraon and Avinash Oraon, 12.

Their father purported that Salib called their sons to the shop on Monday morning. Kapil’s father Pradhan Oraon said “He first slapped them and later administered electric shocks to them.”

Locals also purported that the minors were tied up and beaten up before they were given electric shocks.

Kapil and Avinash were admitted to Malbazar Hospital and in that evening the boys were released from the hospital. Their parents claimed both of them were in a state of shocks.

Kapil’s father is the helper of a truck and his mother is a tea garden worker. Avinash’s father works in the tea garden and his mother is a homeworker.

FIR has been lodged by the parents of these 2 kids at Malbazar Police Station.

Sanatan Singh officer-in-charge stated that ‘We are investigating the matter’.

Reported By: Hindustan Times 19th December 2017

David Garj

David Garj

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