Notice Malbazar Official Delivery Service - CoronavirusFresh Fruits from the local market. The fruits you see in the market want them at your home?

Do let us know, we are always there to deliver it for you.
You may order for yourself or for anyone from Malbazar.

If you’re ordering for your friend or family being far away, We are here for them to care.
Its Your family & Our family too.
Your friend Our friend too.

Buy Apples – Malbazar Delivery Service
Buy Bananas  – Malbazar Delivery Service
Buy Oranges – Malbazar Deliver Service

We are here to make your life easier.
Get fruits delivered to your doorstep.

We need your WhatsApp no. for location sharing.
You can tell us it later optionally. We'll contact you.
Type down the list of items you need. (Max. 10 Items)

Payment Method:

Cash on Delivery (COD)

Pay on Delivery (POD)

Wallet Pay

Delivery Charge: FREE

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