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December 28, 2017

Frightful Accident Body Ripped Between Truck Tyres

Accidents are common but this type of accident is not so usually seen, recently shared by I Love Siliguri (facebook page) on December 25th.

In Fulbari, person body was ripped between trucks tires, half of his body was stucked inside, sources also say there were 1 male and 1 female both have been injured badly.

Body Stucked in Between tyres
Body Stuck in Between Tyres

These types of accidents could be the fault of drivers crossing speed limit, Road potholes, and peoples not being alert as well as road ministers for not regularly reconstructing bad roads, potholes etc.

It’s your duty too, to be alert as well as drivers. Anything can happen so stay safe.
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Source: I Love Siliguri 25th December 2017

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