Malbazar Celebrates 73rd Independence Day

Know how Malbazar celebrated 73rd Independence Day!

As India marks its 73rd Independence Day, the celebration was held across the country with flag-unfurling ceremonies, parades and cultural programmes.

Independence Day is observed as a national holiday across India, with offices, banks and post offices remained closed on the occasion.

Every malbazarian celebrated his/her freedom in their way such as decorating their places of celebration, raising National Flag, march-past, watching favourite movies, singing the National Anthem or patriotic songs, participating in many social activities organized at public places and organizing blood donation camp.

Our national flag was hosted at every government offices, schools, clubs and public places. It looks beautiful when you see tricolour every place, every biker, bus, cars, rickshaw van.

1. Satkar Samiti Club Organised a Drawing Competition

Like every year, a drawing competition was organised by Satkar Samiti Club. The competition started at 12 noon, an unexpected number of kids participated.

There was less space to sit at the Club. So, few children were sent to NF Railway Office which is beside Satkar Ground.

All the children were divided into three groups A, B & C. Children of 1 to 4th standard had no topic they could draw anything they love.

Kids of standard 5th to 8th, that is group B, had to draw on topic “Another Name Of Water Is Life” (Jal Ka Dusra Naam Hai Jiwan) and children of above 9th standard had to draw on “Forest and Wildlife”.

2. “Dooars Forum For Social Reform” Launched A Mass Campaign

On the occasion of 15 August “Dooars Forum For Social Reform” launched a mass campaign at Ghadi More demanding for Sevoke Bridge 2 from Mongpong to Sevoke Bazaar. In this campaign, more than 600 malbazarians signed up and contributed to this campaign.

They have received immense support for the organisation from Lions Club of Malbazar, Satirtho NGO, ATO Club, Satkar Samiti, Saha Kormo NGO, Merchant Association, Ambulance Association, Trucks Association, Bus Association and many more.

3. Inauguration Ceremony Of “31 Hunger – A Plate of Hope”

There was an inauguration ceremony for “31 Hunger – A Plate of Hope” on the eve of Independence Day at Bus Stand. 31 Hunger is a food court. There is a total of seven shops and their names are as follows,

  • Chhetri Tour and Travels
  • Juicy Hut
  • Chicken Chaudhary
  • The Scoopy Smile
  • The Momo Shop
  • Roll Camera Action and Single Cup Restaurant
4. Blood Donation Camp Was Organised

Blood Donation Camp is often organised in Malbazar.
Nav Bharat Sangha Club organised a blood donation camp at their club area from 11 A.M. on 15th August.

Local people of Malbazar came forward to the camp to donate blood. It is said by everyone that “Donate Blood And Save Life”.

So, the people of Malbazar understand the meaning of this camp and the importance of blood.

One more blood donation camp was organised near Udichi Bhawan by Abloom Talented Organisation (ATO Club).

5. Cycle Rally By “Bharatiya Samaj Sewa Sanstha”

A cycle rally was held by Bharatiya Samaj Sewa Sansthan (BSSS) of Malbazar.

The rally was started from Caesar School to Mal Bus Terminus and from there, they went to Roy Cousins Petrol Pump and ended up at Caesar School.

They were total of 29 members (27 boys and 2 girls) including the president of BSSS “Mr Harshit Prasad”. Their main aim of cycling on Independence Day was to Plant Trees and Make Environment Pollution Free.

No doubt it was not easy for India to get freedom from the British rule. But our political leaders, freedom fighters and people together participated in the freedom struggle and were determined to gain independence.

Honourable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi hoisted tricolour at the Red Fort and delivered a speech to the nation.

Let us tell you that this was the first Independence Day speech by Modi Ji after the victory of recently held elections.

Here are some highlights of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s address to the nation:
  • One nation, One constitution spirit’ has become a reality after scrapping of provisions of Article 370 and India is proud of it.
  • Population explosion’ causes new challenges for coming generations, central and state governments should launch measures to deal with it.
  • There is a ‘huge’ scope for improvement in the tourism sector, everyone should visit at least 15 tourist destinations within India by 2022.
  • Discussions should now be held on ‘One Nation, One Election’, it is imperative to make the country great.
  • India can become a 5 trillion dollar economy in the next five years.
  • We have decided to invest Rs 100 lakh crore in infrastructure building.
  • India does not want to wait too long for incremental progress. A high jump is needed, our thought process has to be expanded.
  • Our aim is to reach among first 50 nations in ‘ease of doing business’.
  • ‘Jal Jivan’ Mission to make drinking water available to all households announced, govt will spend Rs 3.5 lakh crore for it.
  • GST brought to life the dream of ‘One Nation, One Tax’. India has also achieved one nation, one grid in energy sector.
  • Scrapping of triple talaq will help Muslim women live a better life; the decision should not be seen through political prism.
  • India is not the only target of terrorism in the region — countries like Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Afghanistan have also been affected.
  • If 2014-19 was an era to fulfill people’s needs, the time since 2019 is about meeting aspirations and dreams.
  • People trust in us have given us new strength, the 2019 mandate shows that hopelessness has given way to hope among masses.
  • Every effort made to remove corruption and black money is welcome; these are menaces that have ruined India for 70 years.
  • India will soon become open defecation free country.


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